Attention Deficit Disorder Chinese Medicine Treatment

Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) is a term to describe people who cannot concentrate on the task, not good in organizing, procrastinate and others. It is a subtype of Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder. The different between them is ADHD patient is hyperactive, they like to run around, shouting, climb up and down. ADD patient only hyperactive in their brains (keep on attract by other things). It is not only happen in child and also adult. The statistic of people who had been diagnosed with ADD is keep growing fast every year.

Attention Deficit Disorder symptoms will affect the patient life. If a kids who have ADD, ADD symptoms will affect their study and communicate with other children. Adult who diagnosed with ADD, ADD symptoms will affect their job, social life, communication and management. ADD symptoms will makes the adults keep on changing their job because they always make mistake and cannot focus on their job. Adult with ADD also very dangerous when they are driving because they could not focus when they drive. ADD symptoms become one of the reason causes car accident. Following had listed the ADD symptoms.

The most common of ADD symptoms:

  • Hard to pay attention
  • Could not arrange and manage a task
  • Did not follow instruction
  • Easily to be distract
  • Forgetfulness on daily task and things

ADD is a disorder that cannot be fully cured by any medicine or treatment. Treatment and medicine can only help to reduce the symptoms. Before you start a treatment or taking any medicine, you should go to meet a specialist and have some test. The test is not a single test or only looking the symptoms that you have or you said. The test may include signs, symptoms, questionnaire, and interview with the people that close to you such as family, friend and teacher. Some of the specialist may have a brain activity screening. If you have been diagnosed with ADD, you have to choose a treatment. Start a treatment early could help the brain to develop in a good situation for kids.

Please pay attention, if you or your kids have been diagnosed with ADD. Please ask for others disorder test such as learning disability or others mental disorder. ADD patients have 6 times higher than normal people to get other mental disorder.


Which treatment or medicine should you take to treat ADD?

After talk to Chinese Master, most of the western medicine will bring a lot of bad side effect to patient. Western medicine might very efficiency for some of the patient and might not have any changes for others patients. In the previous time, western medicine are very popular, mostly all the ADD patients are taking it because it is works in the short time. Sadly, the patients and scientist found that western medicine bring many side effects. The side effects include addicted into medicine, hard to sleep at night, emotional problem, not feeling hungry for few days, and have some hallucination.

In the past 30 years, many ADD patients had paying attention on other treatment that can take over the western medicine and treatment. They found that Chinese Treatment can help them.

Due to The Tole research, Chinese Treatment can help to reduce the ADD symptoms without any bad side effect. The Tole had treated many ADD patients in the past 100 years using The Tole Neuro Acupuncture and The Tole Herbal Medicine. The research shows, The Tole Neuro Acupuncture calm down the nervous system and at the same time improve the concentration level. The Tole Herbal Medicine formula can help to balance the Qi (energy) in the body makes the neuron to connect with each other to sending the message.

The Tole Herbal Medicine formula is come from Chinese Master old line family. Chinese Master had improved ADD Herbal Medicine Formula and The Tole Neuro Acupuncture technique. The ADD herbal medicine is a powder. Chinese Master named it Herbal Brain Powder. Patient can mixed Brain Powder with any liquid. The Tole Herbal Brain Powder can order online and delivery worldwide.

In addition, The Tole Diet Treatment for ADD patient had avoid some of the food and added many omega 3 fatty acid and protein into the meal for ADD patient. This Diet Treatment for ADD patient combined with Herbal Brain Powder and Neuro Acupuncture is working very well.

The Tole Brain Powder and The Tole Neuro Acupuncture is safety and efficiency for treating ADD.Chinese Master had many patient comes from worldwide such as Singapore, China, Bangladesh, Africa, Hong Kong, Taiwan and others.



Wing, a boy who come from China. He had been diagnosed with ADD when he is 4 1/2 years old. He had try many treatment in China but none of it are work for him. His parent are very sad. Until one day, his mother met an old friend. Her friend told her about Chinese Master who are very famous in treating this kind of disorder. After discuss with other families, Wing parent take a flies and come to Malaysia and meet Chinese Master. They stay in Malaysia for 3 months for treatment. Chinese Master give the intensive treatment for Wing and give him some herbal powder. After a months, his parent realize that their child can concentrate more longer on a task and remember some details. After three months, Wing are can study very well and remember the knowledge after study. His parent are very satisfied for the result. Now his parent bring him to Malaysia every year to continue the treatment.


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